Best Repellants to Use When Getting North Carolina Squirrels Outta Your Chimney

During the cold months and the mating season of the Cary squirrel, it would not be uncommon to see a chimney in the inconspicuous areas of our house such as the chimney. Getting them out of here would be a challenge due to the limited access in here. Some people choose to use the commercially-available repellents hoping that it will deliver a potent solution to your squirrel infestation.

Different Repellents That Will be Effective against the Squirrel

In this article, we will discuss the different repellents that are sold in the market today. We will also analyze if the North Carolina repellents will be effective in keeping them away from our chimney. You may also create your own spray repellent by following our instructions below.

Cary Hot Pepper Repellent

Hot pepper contains an active ingredient known as capsaicin that makes it hot. This is an ingredient that most animal will find offensive. Some people believe that it will be effective in driving them away. They think that by spraying this on woods, wires, plants, and other materials, the squirrels will not chew them. Unfortunately, we cannot determine the efficacy of this repellent. Nonetheless, if you still want to try this product, it would be wise to create your own repellent before you invest on the commercially-available repellent.

Prepare the necessary ingredients such as hot pepper, Jalapeno, and onions. Boil all this ingredients with water then strain it. Apply this repellent using the spray bottle. You will need to reapply the mixture repeatedly since the scent will disperse immediately. 

Mechanical Repellents

There are different mechanical repellents advertised in the North Carolina market today. Some of them have an absurd claim that is hard to believe such as the ultrasonic repellents. Here are some of the popular products that are available today.

  • Ultrasonic repellent- this machine released a high frequency sound that cannot be discerned by the human ear. However, according to the manufacturer, this sound frequency would be audible to the nuisance creature. Unfortunately, the various tests performed to support this claim have a varying result. Up to this day, the result remains uncertain.
  • Bright Lights- There are machine repellents that will release a bright light as an attempt to startle the squirrel. While this may work for a short time, there will come a time that the squirrels will get accustomed to this light. In addition, it is not practical to use bright lights all over your house.
  • Sprinkler Repellent- Another widely available North Carolina repellent would be the sprinkler that comes with a motion sensor. This device can cover a large area of your yard. Just like the LED lights, it will not offer a long-term solution. Squirrels are crafty creatures and they can easily find a way to evade the sprinkler.

  • When investing on the right solution, you want something that will prevent the infestation in the future. By hiring the service of the Cary experts, you will not only eliminate the squirrels hiding in your chimney, they can also provide you consultation and recommendation that will help you avoid similar situation.

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