Tops Reasons Why Opossums Really Don't Make Good North Carolina PETS

Sometimes, you will encounter a baby Cary opossum that you may find cute and you are probably wondering if you can keep them as your pet. However, there are numerous reasons why they will not be an excellent pet. When you want an opossum as a pet, you are basically taking them away from their natural habitat. Keep in mind that opossums will survive better in the wild. The opossum that may survive in captivity is actually rare. 

Reasons Not to Keep Opossum as a Pet

Raising a North Carolina possum as a pet requires skills and knowledge. They have a unique nutritional needs and finding a commercially-available food that can address their need can be a challenge. Usually you will have to provide them with supplements to supply them with an adequate nutrient. This may be impractical and highly expensive. Here are more reasons on why you shouldn’t take them as a pet.

It is Illegal

Taking the Cary opossum away from its natural habitat is considered illegal especially if you do not carry a rehabilitation permit. Even the rehabilitation centers are tasked to release the creature back into the wild once they can independently survive in the wild. Opossums do no thrive well when they are in captivity. In order to keep them, you will have to carry the necessary permit that is provided by your state. Depending on the place where you live, the state may assign a volunteer to guarantee that your possum is in its excellent condition. You should also complete training and pass an exam to obtain a permit. 

You Are Shortening the Lifespan of the North Carolina Opossum

The opossums are omnivorous creatures that allow them to eat a range of food. They may eat insects, snails, fruits, pests, plants, grass, etc. They may also prey on small mammals such as rats and mice. The rodent in captivity will not be able to receive the right nutrients that their body needs in order to keep their body strong. If they are not getting enough nutrients, this will lead to a disease known as MBD (Metallic Bone Disease). This disease can be fatal and treating them will be costly. The stress and the trauma that they may experience from being confined can also play a role in reducing their lifespan. They also do not have much opportunity to exercise while they are in captivity.

Finally, there are different concerns that may arise when you decided to keep the possum as your North Carolina pet. While they may not be aggressive, you should still remember that they are wild creatures and their behavior can be unpredictable. They are also possible carriers of zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Those possums that are being kept in captivity have an undeveloped immune system which makes them prone to bacterial infection. Most of the opossums in captivity will suffer from cataract, obesity, and other conditions after a year of confinement. 

In case you are planning to adopt an opossum, understand that there are also Cary cats and dogs that are waiting for your attention in the animal shelter.

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