Found a Nest of Baby Cary Groundhogs? What to Do NEXT To Ensure They SURVIVE!

Once you encountered a nest of baby Cary groundhogs, we strongly discourage you to disturb their nest. Most of the time, they will not cause any disturbance on your property. You should also avoid transferring your scent on their nest since this may encourage the mother woodchuck to abandon the nest. Dealing with the orphaned infant groundhogs will be more complicated than what you initially expect.

Things to Do With the Nest of Baby Groundhogs

As we mentioned above, as long as the North Carolina groundhogs is not causing any damage to your property, you should not disturb their burrows. This situation will only last for a couple of weeks. After the infant has become strong enough to survive on their own, they will immediately leave their birth den.

Never Remove Them

It is never recommended to remove the Cary infant groundhog to their natural environment especially if they are not abandoned or injured. In case you think that the baby has been orphaned, you will have to monitor the situation before taking the necessary action. After a few hours and you noticed that the mother groundhog is still not returning, you should call the help of the wildlife rehabilitation agency. They will give you a set of instructions that you need to follow. 

Be sure to wear gloves and masks when dealing with the North Carolina creature. You should place them in a cardboard that will keep them warm. If you have a heating pad, this will be an ideal way to keep them warm. However, be sure that the baby will not be in direct contact with the heating device. As an alternative you can use a bottle filled with warm water. Wrap it in a blanket or towel before placing it close to the baby woodchuck.

Caring for the Baby Woodchuck

When you found an abandoned North Carolina baby woodchuck, resist the temptation to give them any solid food. The baby groundhog will mostly be dehydrated. If you have an experience in giving them a rehydrating solution, we encourage you to do so. It is always best to leave this in the hand of the expert. You should not give them any formula solution. The better option would be Pedialyte that has no flavor. Use a tiny feeding syringe that you can purchase at your local drugstore. When giving them with a Pedialyte, be sure to feed them slowly. Do not forcefully feed them since this can enter their lungs that will be lethal to them. Once you think that they had enough, you will need to induce urination by stimulating their glands. 

In case you encountered a nest filled with baby Cary groundhog, you should not disturb them. You will need to monitor them from a distant location. If the mother woodchuck did not return, you should call the assistance of the wildlife rehabilitators. The baby requires special care and nutrition that can only be given by the experts. Those who lack the knowledge should not rehabilitate them on their own.

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